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About Us in a Nutshell - TreVi Solutions Event Management

TreVi ? What’s in a name…

Inspired by the first letter (V) of our family name - one of the many that prove challenging to pronounce in an international environment - our company name comes from the phonetic pronunciation of “three V” in Italian (the 3 V’s = “tre vi”)…

Now, who are the three V’s?  

The Core Team

Bruno V…  

Hi, I am Bruno. Born and raised in Belgium, I am what you might call a seasoned professional in communication and event management who moved to Italy in the beginning of 2010 to set up TreVi Solutions.

The first 20 years of my working life were situated in Belgium, being responsible for the European event and communication departments of large multinational organisations – in fields as diverse as power boating, professional turf maintenance, and the medical industry.  

Using my corporate insider experience, I moved to Switzerland in 2002 to join a medical event management agency. Two years later I co-founded the independent agency PR Meeting & Event Consultancy, handling almost exclusively international missions.  

Eager to share my rich experience in event and communication project management, I transferred to Italy at the start of 2010 to create TreVi Solutions as a family company.

In private life, my interests include (reading about) popular science, (watching) motorised sports and (doing some) bicycling. If I had more time, I would love to learn and play piano.

Alessia V…

Hi, I am Alessia, partly raised in Belgium and partly in Italy.

I gained my initial insights in the needs of internal and external clients conducting a number of administrative and organisational assignments in the sales departments of Italian companies such as Fast&Fluid, Ina Assitalia and Invensys.

Occasional project support for PR Meeting & Event Consultancy allowed me to accumulate valuable field experience in event organisation before stepping into the TreVi Solutions venture.

One day, I would like to expand our services to also include professional wedding and party planning. Always having liked to organise small parties and trips for the people I personally care about, this would fit very well with my natural inclination.

In private life, I have a passion for singing (from time to time performing at weddings or small shows), for dancing (took my first amateur lessons) and music, music, music…

If I had more time, I would love to travel the world (who wouldn’t), and sign up for professional singing and dancing classes.

Vanessa V…

Hi, I am Vanessa, me too raised both in Belgium and in Italy.

I set my first professional steps in the fashion and modelling world of Milan, while also carrying out hostess assignments at large events and fairs. My pro-active attitude towards stand visitors lead to a job in the sales and marketing department of the Italian office of leading Swiss dairy food producer Emmi.

At TreVi Solutions, my previous stand activity experiences greatly benefit customers for who we provide congress and exhibition support.

In private life, I enjoy taking pictures, trying out new recipes, accompanying my two small kids on their first prudent steps in the world of photo shoots and clothing shows, and I still take part in some photo or video shoots myself.

If I had more time, I would love to follow photography lessons or join art and design classes.

Support Staff & Service Providers

Our internal team is complemented by qualified operational staff and service providers who we can involve in the elaboration or execution of specific project tasks.

Go to Links & Resources to find out more.

TreVi Solutions logo stands for the three V's Bruno Verschraegen, 30 years event management experience Alessia Verschraegen, quadrilingual Italian event coordinator Vanessa Verschraegen, event  coordinator, hostess, model

A pluridisciplinary background makes TreVi Solutions the perfect hub in the wheel that keeps all specialist service providers involved in your event spinning…