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About Us in a Nutshell - TreVi Solutions Event Management

With TreVi Solutions you get a partner who is eager to maintain a high service level and motivated to reduce your workload.

Ambition & Motivation

We do not necessarily need to be everything to everyone… and can customise services in function of your priorities, workload handling capacity or existing in-house skill sets.

Capable of managing many different project aspects, we have the experience to react creatively to your evolving needs and to interface effectively with a multitude of specialists and service providers, including those you already work with.

A Selection of Event Services

If the sampling of event services listed hereunder does not cover one of your specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. We are capable of coming up with productive suggestions  for almost any situation or challenge.

Research, for each specific occasion, a broad range of suitable hotels.
Issue clear requests for price and service proposals, anticipating all potential needs—even those not (yet) expressed by the client.
Compile detailed proposal reports and manage gradual selection process, from a broadlist to shortlist to final choice.
Pro-actively manage room block allocations and room listings, keeping a close eye on cancellation and payment deadlines.
Take the hassle out of registering participants for the event or congress. Organise collective pickup and individual distribution of materials. Allocate participants to various event functions, taking into account a refined set of criteria.

Maintain appropriate information flows pre-event, on-site and post-event, trying to provide answers before questions are asked.
Establish direct communication with all participants, using a balanced tone of voice where each participant feels and is addressed  personally.
Integrate double-check procedures to ensure both we and the participant have all correct details.
Keep multiple communication channels open in order to support participants with individual assistance from start to finish.

Collect participants’ travel needs, book flights (or other transport) for meeting delegates using our or your travel provider, provide delegates with detailed travel information.
Guide and supervise travel providers to ensure best-possible matches between participant needs, meeting objectives and client policies.
Minimise need for client intervention in travel decisions, but ensuring that client is aware of special situations that may require his involvement.
Identify qualified transfer providers, organise well-communicated meet-and-greet services, issue clear and up-to-date transfer lists, provide participants with fully detailed travel documentation.

Critically collect and screen realistic meeting room specifications during hotel or venue search.
Produce series of alternative layout options to optimise use of space and dynamics inside the meeting room during the event.
Guide and supervise meeting room setup to ensure plans work and are respected.
Ensure that meeting programmes adhere to realistic time schedules.
Put all mechanisms in place to ensure that delegates are at the right place at the right time.
Make sure that all services are provided at the right place at the right time.
Come up with creative solutions if circumstances dictate a programme or timing change.

Identify and contract qualified providers of audiovisual services. Coordinate technical requirements.
Supervise setup of audiovisual equipment pre-event and guide the audiovisual support team during the event,

Brief suppliers for creation and production of content, decoration and special effects.
Take part in brainstorming and planning sessions to help develop scenarios.

Research and book restaurants for group functions or organise small group dine-arounds.
Menu selection, making sure that food proposals match the group’s profile.
Make sure that all catering arrangements with hotel or venue take into account individual and general dietary requirements.
Setup and man welcome desks; guide and supervise hostess services or other temporary staff.
Run hospitality lounges during congresses or large-scale events.

Find appropriate venues for group dinners and motivational activities.
Make all logistical arrangements (catering, transport, decoration, technical/audiovisual).
Track participant attendance (invitations, confirmations and real attendance).
Create special activity programmes (e.g. during sales meetings).

Create optimised presentation templates.
Correct and harmonise speaker presentations in a way that respects individual speaker personality and style but reflects conceptual coherence.
Organise and coordinate well-timed speaker rehearsals. Depending on topic, conduct content reviews ourselves or call on external content expert reviewers (provided either by you or us).
Provide special support for speaker travel and accommodation.
Manage/coordinate speaker contracts, speaker fees and reimbursement of expenses.

Develop or adopt themes and graphic concepts for creative use throughout all materials. Event branding and logo creation.
Write, design and produce collateral marketing materials.
Create and produce printed matter (invitations, booklets, signage, badges, menus, banners, inserts…).
Assist with the development of audio, video, web communication tools.
Search for event-specific gadgets and give-away items.
Provide guidance and input for materials developed/produced by suppliers engaged by clients.
Help to set up and run communication programmes targeted to specific audiences (internal, participants).

Set up a single-input multiple-outputs database, tailored to the needs of the specific event.
Publish budget and project tracking files.  
Set up, where useful or requested, web systems for event registration and/or communication—but… always maintain close supervision to ensure we can generate quality outputs, data integrity and truly personal communication.

Contract external suppliers and on-site service providers only after conducting our own research - and only for activities where the external supplier can provide a real added value.
Select service providers who we see fit our client’s style and needs.
Scrutinise and validate supplier service and budget proposals.
Monitor external supplier performance; timely enforce any corrective action that may be required.

Set up and man welcome/registration desk at hotel or venue.
Produce/collect and distribute delegate information packs.
Coordinate and supervise all ground service providers (transfer company, catering service, audiovisual crew, hotel front desk staff, events department coordinator).
Set up online check-in service for return flights.

Eliminate any surprise factors while preparing, tracking and communicating budgets.
Ensure that budgets reflect the client’s best overall interest.
Provide fully detailed budgets in a way that allows the client to develop cost scenarios and to understand the impact of specific budget categories and decisions.
Timely manage all billing from external service providers and to client (central office and/or local entities).
Where possible or requested, integrate budgets/payments related to suppliers used by the client into our own budget and billing administration, to reduce the number of suppliers and invoices the client must follow up on.

Design and manage tools to gather pre-event participant input and on-site or post-event participant feedback to help ensure that programmes deliver value to the participants and to the client.
Produce detailed feedback reports.

Use our experience to come up with solutions for last-minute requirements—as well for existing as for new projects.

What Else?

In addition, in combination with your event or as a stand-alone service, you can also entrust us with:

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An event is like an iceberg, you only see the beautiful shiny tip. Underneath is a huge mass at work without which the tip would not stay afloat. And both require great attention to avoid wrecking your ship…

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To keep the ball rolling in the right direction when managing an event, the game must be controlled by skillful operators…

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