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About Us in a Nutshell - TreVi Solutions Event Management

Meeting hotels and venues need to plan, optimise and promote MICE* facilities that help end-clients, event production companies and meeting organisers to generate productive and successful events and meetings.   

Property Developers, Hotel Operators and Group Sales Departments

If you are a property developer, a hotel operator or managing a meeting hotel’s group sales department, you can call upon our MICE Venue Consultancy services to help ensure that your venue achieves the highest possible meeting potential.

At TreVi Solutions, we know about meeting venues and we can look at them from many angles: the participant perspective, the organiser perspective and the service provider perspective.  

Not only we understand equally well the supplier requirements (technical and production crews), the client requirements (end-users’ communication, marketing or training departments) and the event organiser requirements (event agencies or clients’ event departments), we also very well aware of the specific hotel requirements (F&B, front desk and other departments).

Our advice can be integrated at various stages: when your venue still needs to be built (i.e. the architects are developing the project), when you are planning to refurbish it, or when you are looking more in-depth into promoting the venue…

Venue Building Consultancy

Venue Building Consultancy comes in at the time of planning a new venue. From as soon as architects start drawing plans until the venue building activity actually starts.

Architects can create impressive buildings but most often do not well understand what really happens inside and outside the meeting rooms, the back-offices, and all other areas that may be used by an event organiser (storage, restaurants, coffee break areas, and more). Making the right choices can have a great influence on how attractive the future meeting hotel will be for the event organiser, the production company and the end-client.

Venue Optimisation Consultancy

Experienced user advice team can also contribute greatly at a later stage, at the moment of preparing and executing the actual installation of the meeting infrastructure and equipment.

True for newly planned venues, it is most certainly also the case for existing venues planning a major overhaul or refurbishment of their premises. This is the ideal time to seek assistance from experts who can assist you from the inside out with optimising your venue for even more productive meeting business.

Venue Promotion Consultancy

Surprisingly, new meeting venues in their pre-opening sales phase but also existing meeting hotels often overlook to ensure that a potential client (an event organiser, a production company or the end-client’s event department) can easily and rapidly retrieve reliable and meaningful information to promote the venue with their prospect.

As a 360° specialist in events and communication, we will analyse your sales materials, the format of your responses to RFPs, your website’s usability (specifically towards the MICE market!) and suggest improvements (descriptive information, pictures, accurate floor plans, usable dimension and capacity charts). And much more… Just ask. Contact us to find out more.

* MICE = Meetings, Events, Conferences, Incentives

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