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About Us in a Nutshell - TreVi Solutions Event Management

To sense the value of working with TreVi Solutions for your meetings and events, do not only look at WHAT we do but also, and especially, at HOW we do it. How we interface with people, how we use our experience to anticipate on your needs, how our polyvalent backgrounds allow us to amalgamate with a large variety of specialists, how we combine eye for detail with a holistic approach.

Person-to-Person Communication

Communication takes centre stage at TreVi Solutions: with the attendees to your events, with your teams of managers and coordinators, with you.

We make big efforts to set up and maintain highly personalised communication with every participant individually - aiming to make everyone feel treated like a real person, not an anonymous number. This translates into lower communication barriers, stronger connections between you and the participants to your events, and increased involvement and satisfaction levels.

Contact us to find out about the techniques we use.

We know for a fact that participants greatly appreciate the way we communicate with them on your behalf.

In our communication with you, we are very pro-active and able to give you accurate information snapshots at any moment. And in such a way that you can effortlessly use the information for your own purposes.

User-Centric Tools & Processes

Our event management tools are focused on user outputs and not simply built from the perspective of data input, as still happens all too often.

To generate many user-adaptable and reliable outputs from one single input, we start from (and pay extreme attention to) what everyone along the chain of action needs to get out of the data. You, your co-workers, the event coordinators in your local offices, your management, your suppliers and, not to forget, all of our own service providers, the hotels, the caterers, the transportation companies… the list is long.

Having worked in the client role before becoming service providers, we can more easily anticipate what these different needs are. To make it easy for you to exploit and interpret the data for your own purposes, we openly share fully functional files created with everyday office programmes. Although simple to use, they produce sophisticated outputs that reflect our personal and enduring hands-on experience.

Ensuring optimal data cohesion, TreVi’s systems and tools help you to save money, to maximise accuracy, to optimise decision processes, to enable true managerial control, and to speed up information exchange - all to the benefit of your meetings and events.

Multidimensional Experience

Relying on TreVi Solution to organise your events, you tap into extensive and multidimensional experience.

TreVi’s team leader can look back on 30 years managerial and hands-on experience, adding 10 years of working as external event services provider for several leading companies to previously 20 years of running European communication and events departments on the client “side” - equally at easy with taking responsibility for the creation and production of multilingual communication tools/programmes as with the organisation of international events, meetings and congresses.

It means we can drive and execute many diverse projects and have the capacity to direct and interface with the many diverse specialists that may play a role in your events.

Go to Core Team to read more about the background of the TreVi Solutions team members.

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Our effort to set up highly personalised communication with every single participant is one of our well-appreciated differentiating strengths…