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About Us in a Nutshell - TreVi Solutions Event Management

TreVi Solutions is a multidisciplinary project management bureau offering specialist services in professional event organisation and communication.

European Roots, International Scope

Organising international events and providing meeting support with an international scope is our core activity, but we are more than happy to make our skills and tools available also for projects with a local focus.  

We operate all over Europe and beyond. While we are based in Italy, near Milan, our clients are headquartered in various countries. Company or project size do not matter; we flexibly work with small companies and large multinationals alike.

Multilingual Team, Tailored Services

Our daily operational languages are English, Italian, French and Dutch. As personalised communication with event participants is one of our flagship strengths, we will even switch to Spanish and German whenever that helps the dialogue.

With our multifaceted background we go where you need us.

On our own strengths, doing our own research. For your benefit. Because we do not want to re-sell ready-made packages, but tailor our proposals and solutions to your particular needs.

Operational Versatility

You can rely on us for the organisation of your events and meetings, including congress support services for conference attendance and exhibition management.

But not only…

Events start and end with communication and you will need communication tools before, during and after. We have the in-house skills and experience to help you with their development.

Asking for organisational advice or training for the people in your company involved in organising events is yet another way of making good use of our experience.

If instead you are working in the hospitality industry, and want to get the most out of your MICE offering, you will be pleased to know that we also provide consultancy for hotels and meeting venues - from optimising the plans of the architects all the way through to improving the communication and service to potential customers.

Even if we concentrate on business-related meetings or events, specific requests for organising private events will be taken into consideration with the same professionalism.

Vision, Mission, Philosophy

Our vision is to constitute a small-footprint, all-round, flexible and trustworthy solution centre for resolving a wide variety of challenges in the organisation of events and related communication objectives .

Our mission is “simple”. We aim to maximise the return on the effort that you and your company invest in events and meetings. With full access to our 360° experience, you are guaranteed to be recognised as a professional organisation in the eyes of people targeted by your events. And not only them.

Our philosophy in this is quite down-to-earth... Happy participant = happy you = happy we. With happy, in this context, we are before all talking about the perceived value people get out of your meetings, not about the hospitality aspects of your events. Increasingly, these days the participant’s ROI is as important as yours. Even for fully-sponsored events, participants invest a lot of their time. And time is what everyone runs short of…

This is exactly what our tools and processes are built for and is why we put so much emphasis on highly personalised communication with your event participants.

For us, logistics are a means to an end, not the end itself…

We provide event management services all over Europe Everyone in our event team speaks 4 languages  or more We envision being a flexible solution centre for events

Each TreVi team member speaks
4 languages or more, a great help in communicating with the participants to your events…

Versatile skills and tools to solve event challenges Happy participants are good for your event ROI